Artfully Hooked Talks Color

I was into art long before I learned to crochet (in recent years, I’ve found crochet has become a sort of artistic outlet for me….but more on that later!). Possibly because of this, I’ve always been obsessed with color. In my daily life, I reflexively take note of color – colors, color combinations, color shifts and subtleties. I just can’t help it. As a crocheter/fiber artist, colors I observe – especially in nature – are constant sources of inspiration.

Recently I had the good fortune of going on a cruise to Alaska. I can’t begin to describe the beauty of the scenery we observed (and I’m not a skilled photographer by any means!), but here’s my attempt to convey the beauty of Glacier Bay:


When I look at the water, I see a beautiful deep rich blue, of course, but also shimmery light blue/greys, turquoise, deep charcoal greys, aquas, silvers…. In Skagway, I made a point of visiting a friendly local yarn shop (Aurora Yarns of Alaska) and purchased one lovely skein of yarn (in blue, naturally!). I love how the hand-dyed yarn includes some of the subtle shifts of blue, aqua, and grey that I saw in the waters here. You can see I also picked up a nifty hook:

Blog 1 yarn pic

Fiber lovers, don’t you love finding a friendly local yarn shop when you travel? How much nicer when the yarn evokes the local scenery!



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